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  When you visit Montana you will definitely want to go camping. One of the best things about Montana is that it has a huge sky that is for the most part unblemished with manmade light and pollution. This lack of light from parking lots and box stores allows you to actually be able to see stars. Camping in Montana is one of the best ways to experience a star studded night.

If you are coming from a big city that suffers from manmade light and pollution you will be amazed at the number of stars that light up the night’s sky. In addition to enjoying a night’s sky while camping, you will also enjoy the fresh crispness of the mountain air. Campground cooking is another one of life’s’ great pleasures if you can learn to appreciate it. Everything tastes better when cooked over a campfire.

Whether you rough it by going on your own or go camping with a guide, you will love the adventure.

Montana has a wide variety of campgrounds to suite any need. From the more remote and primitive campgrounds to fully equipped campgrounds with RV hookups and laundry facilities, Montana has it all!

Don’t forget your S’mores supplies: Marshmallows,Graham Crackers, and Hershey Bars. Cut a stick from a nearby bush and make sure it is alive and green so it doesn’t burn up along with your marshmallow. Whittle the end to get the tip narrowed down to a sharp point. Stick one two or three marshmallows on the stick and hold over the coals of a fire that has already been burning for a few hours. Twirl your stick like a rotisserie until your marshmallow is just the right tint of brown. Don’t worry if it catches on fire, they are good burnt too. Just be careful not to get too excited if it catches on fire and fling a marshmallow fire ball into the hair of your neighbor or even worse onto your tent. Slide your marshmallows off the stick and onto a square of graham cracker. Add a piece of chocolate and another graham cracker and enjoy!!! - The Montana Campground Directory
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