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Kinney's Stables and Campground

Listing Type: Private Campground
City: Hardin Montana
Phone: 679-4640

Description: All Trails Lead to Hardin.

All year you've dreamed and planned of coming to Montana to experience the magnificent beauty and solitude of the mountains and rivers, catching a trout or two and renewing your spirit with the wild beauty of Montana. You have been to and secured your five star hotel accommodations at shag carpet prices.

This is it'the big day has arrived. You toss some clothes into your pickup truck, hitch up the trailer, load the horses and Montana here you come. Five hundred miles later at about Sheridan, Wyoming you realize that your five-star hotel accommodations at shag carpet prices doesn't include your horses. Not to worry. A little ways down the road (82 miles to be exact) in the heart of Custer Country is Hardin, Montana. Now Hardin is 15 miles west of the Little Bighorn National Monument and just a little ways from some of the best blue ribbon trout fishing in the world. Right there in the center of it is Kinney's Stables. They can't promise five-star accommodations or even cable TV, but they do have a nice place for equine friends. So, give Kinney's a call and while you enjoy the sights and excitement of Southeastern Montana, you can leave your horses with Kinney's knowing that they will have the best of care.

Al Kinney has been in the horse and tack business for over 30 years. He has sold tack from coast to coast and owned prize horses and mules. His many friends and customers are always welcome at the family-owned business located in Hardin, Montana.

Barn Facilities.Barn No. 1-12 x 20 stalls (5), concrete floors. New pens with HiQual panels and each with waterers and feeders. Lots of lighting. Good for winter and summer use.

Barn No. 2-12 x 60 stalls (6), very long runs. Open 1 side, 1 horse each. Pen very good for summer use and extended weekly service. Made from HiQual panels with waterers and feeders. Concrete and sand floors.

Shelter Facilities .Outside, open top pens, with wind deflectors on all sides. Two sizes, 14 x 26 and 26 x 26, each with HiQual gates, feeders and waterers. Well lit. Services two horses to a stall with concrete floors.

Outside Facilities .All new outside stalls, Sizes are 12 x 26 with sand floors; summer use, 1 horse each stall. A new generation of full view and full service stalls; the latest in HiQual horse equipment. Panels, feeders and waterers is what you get in these pens. They are trouble free, safe and efficient maximum care for your horses. All designed for the horses in mind. A new generation of horse care here in Montana.

Feeding and Service .Feed-Alfalfa hay, The best that we can get. Each pen has it's own hay feeders. Twice daily hay feeding. .Grain-3-way feeds. A once a day feeding of grain. Water-Fresh daily, heated and clean. Each pen has its own waterers.

Servicing of Horses and Pens .Cleaned Every Day Plus Summertime Fly Control, Straw Bedding In Pens With Concrete Floors, Sand In Open Outside Stalls .Exercising Pen For Extended Time Customers, Amenities, Vets Close By For Service Calls, Security Lighting In All Areas .Trailer Parking Is Available, All Care and Work is Supervised by Owners, and All Main Gates are Locked.

Directions: Hardin is 15 miles west of Little Bighorn National Monument. In August the famous Crow Fair and Pow Wow are held. Yellowtail Dam and Lake is 40 miles south of Hardin, along with the world renowned blue ribbon trout fishing, Big Horn River, and best of all Yellowstone Park is 230 miles west of Hardin. Enjoy the sights and excitement of Southeastern Montana. .The major travel arteries of the region, I-90, I-94 and Hwy. 212 will give you a welcome vacation path of the Old West. .Kinney's Stables is right here in the center of it

Ext. 495 - 1/4 mile S. - 1/4 mile E, turn left at Kinney's Saddle Shop sign. 1/4 mile N. to stables and campground. - The Montana Campground Directory
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