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Indian Trees Campground

Listing Type: National Forest Campground
City: Sula Montana
Phone: 821-3201
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Description: Indian Trees Campground is located in the Bitterroot National Forest of southwest Montana. At an elevation of 4500 feet, the campground encompasses 7 acres of land. There are 16 campsites, as well as water and restroom facilities and garbage pick up. Groceries, a food service, laundry facilities, and swimming and fishing access are available within five miles of the site. Lost Trail Hot Springs located a half a mile from campground. The maximum recommended trailer length for the area is 50 feet. Please limit your stay to 14 days.

The Lewis and Clark expedition entered what is now the Bitterroot National Forest on September 4, 1805, taking a very difficult route to the west what is now Lost Trail Pass. The precise trail is unknown but we know the rugged mountains, bad weather, and hunger were challenges the Corps of Discovery faced. The trail through Lost Trail is one of the most disputed areas of their trip through the mountains. On the morning of September 4, everything was wet and frozen and the ground covered with snow. Their trail took them over the crest and down the other side of the mountain range, passing near the present day Indian Trees Campground.

Directions: Travel 6 miles south of the Sula Ranger Station on US Highway 93, then 1 mile southwest on Forest Road 729. - The Montana Campground Directory
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